Pool Fencing

How much does it cost to put a fence around the pool?
It can cost as cheap as $1500 and as expensive as $10,000 to put up a fence. The major factor here would be the material you decide to go with. It would be smart to go with durable materials so you won’t have to worry about repairs for a long time. Of course, the weather changes a lot and it can get quite expensive if you choose cheap material and it keeps on getting damaged because of outside factors.

Are you required to have a fence around a pool?
Yes if the pool is deeper than 18 inches as it will be for your own safety. After all, a pool is a heavy investment and you will never know what will go inside it especially when you are not at home. There is no doubt you will feel more confident about having your pool in the long run if you have a fence around it. If the pool is portable, it is considered small so there is no need to have fencing around it. After all, you will probably fit in the portable pool with a few kids and you can just sit on it. The small pool is not expected to be the type that you can do laps at.

How much does pool fencing cost Australia?
It depends on the type of fencing that you decide to go with. If it is timber fencing, then $200 per linear meter for the timber type. On the other hand, choosing glass fence is going to cost you double that amount. It is actually alright because you won’t have to spend much in terms of maintaining the pool fence in the next few years. It would be important to regularly clean the fencing because if it is dirty then the dirt may go to the pool.

How high does a fence need to be around a pool?
It must be at least 48 inches high even though some installers would ask you how high you would want it to be. If you say standard, then they will assume that to be the height of the fence. Of course, there is no need to make it too high or else it will be hard to get in it. If you decide to put toys in there, you may be limited in terms of using those things.

What is the best pool fence?
Sentry Safety Fence by EZ-Guard is the best pool fence available in Australia. You don’t need to know too much about pool fencing because it is pretty easy to install. They provide an instruction manual anyway and if you are still having any difficulties, they would be more than happy to help you out. In addition, there is a limited warranty against defects because it is possible it is going to collapse because of various reasons. The manufacturer also made sure that it will last for several years by using the best materials available on the market. Best of all, it is pretty affordable so you won’t need to spend too much for it. Yes, there is no need to break the bank for this item.

Is glass pool fencing expensive?
It is expensive if you choose high-cost materials. It won’t cost you that much if you go with cost-effective materials and choose a company that is not that experienced with it. It is not for those who would like to spend more for other equipment in the house. It is for those people who are dedicated in increasing the property value of their homes. There is no question your home’s value will go through the roof with fencing all over it. When the time comes that you need to sell your property, you are going to get great value for it. Thus, you are going to have more budget for the home that you are planning to buy next. If you are planning to have a big family, you know you will need to switch to a bigger home. When you sell your house, buyers will certainly stare in awe if they see pool fencing around the swimming pool.

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