Above Ground Pools

An above-ground pool is a perfect solution for people who are looking for a more cost-effective option to the typical in-ground pool or who perhaps live in an area where an in-ground pool may be impractical. An above-ground pool is a more affordable option and is an attractive and functional alternative. Above ground pools are pre-fabricated and if you want to save even more money you can even opt to install it yourself. Many people are unaware, but an increasingly popular option to make your above ground pool look and feel like an in-ground pool is to have it installed partially or completely in-ground. The liners in an above ground pool come in a wide selection of colours to suit your individual taste and are easy to maintain.

Above ground, pools are the perfect option for somebody who wants a pool but does not wish to outlay the extra costs for an in-ground pool installation. Above ground, pools are also a safer option because when the step ladder into the pool is removed it makes it much more difficult for a curious child to access the pool. Please note, that although this is the case, a compliant fence is still the most effective barrier to children and by law, all pools require compliant fencing. Besides these benefits, an above ground pool can be dismantled at any time, which is a great asset for families who want to take their pool with them if they move houses or it is no longer needed.