Spa Therapy

What is a spa therapy?

Spa therapy represents a wide range of treatments that may not necessarily be associated with water treatment, stated beauty supplies Sydney. The word “Spa.” was derived from the Latin word “Spargere,” meaning moisten or sprinkle. However, the word ‘spa’ was used in the past to refer to water treatment, but the current general term used in place of spa treatment is spa therapy.


Spa therapy can, however, refer to water treatment, maybe in a hot tub or spa, and also, it relates to all wellness activities happening at the spa center. The treatments include; massage therapy, sports massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, among other various massage techniques.

Different types of spa treatments

When the word spa treatment is battled around, what comes into the minds of many is a massage and facial treatment. While this is not the case, spa treatment offers a wide variety of services including manicure and pedicure, entire body skin treatment, hair removal, among other treatment services. Here are some of the different types of spa treatment.

Face treatment

This is a facial skin care treatment that involves moisturizers, exfoliation, steam, masks, massage, and peels. This type of treatment is aimed at removing dry and dull skin death cells from the skin surface. Massaging the skin surface helps unclog the skin pore and hydrate the new skin completely and increase the skin’s air circulation. Some facial treatments are geared towards curbing specific skin problems such as puffiness reduction and some dark skin circles forming around the eye.

Body treatment

Not only the facial area needs moisturizing and exfoliation. There at the spa, you will be provided with a number of whole-body skin treatments such as body polishes, Vichy showers, body wraps, and aqua therapy.


This is what people think the spa is all about. It is the most popular spa treatment offered in so many varieties of styles, but the most common massage style is the Swedish massage. The therapist covers all the parts to be excluded during a massage using a sheet,
then apply to massage the oil in long and smooth strokes. Pregnancy massage is done for pregnant women to help ease tension in legs, shoulders, and lower back.

The deep tissue massage also applies the Swedish technique but with a more intense pressure to help release tension in muscles and knots.

Hot stone massage also applies Swedish massage with the same long stroke technique but using a heated basalt stone. The stone helps in improving the circulation of blood in muscles and help in healing injuries.

Reflexology massage focuses mostly on feet. The therapist will concentrate on the feet reflex point by applying pressure to help release blockage and improve circulation in the body system.

Nail treatment

Mostly, several spas offer both manicure and pedicure treatments for both feet and hand nails. The same services are offered in typical salons, but with spas, they go the extra mile.

Hair removal

At the spa, hair removal service is normally done by the use of waxing techniques. The aestheticians use hot wax by applying to the skin hair, press a strip of cloth into the wax and then quickly pull out the strip with hair captured.

Medical treatment

Not all spas offer this service. Morden spas have started offering these services but with trained physicians. This service used to be offered only by specialized physicians in their offices. The treatment involves CACI facelift, Restylane, microdermabrasion, Juvederm, pulsed light hair removal, and laser hair removal.

What are the benefits of spa treatment?

Nothing is luxurious that a trip to a spa center. The body justice offered there is an unforgettable and most splendid pampering experience. the kind of services you receive from the spa, right from body massage, facial and all forms of treatment helps a lot in improving the blood circulation, reduce stress, relieve aches and pains, support weight loss, prevent varicose veins, increase happiness, promotes radiant skin, promotes better sleep and helps with anti-aging.

What qualifications do you need to be a spa therapist?

A spa therapist is a professional who has some skills in a variety of spa treatments. The therapist is responsible for offering client services such as massage therapy, manicure, facial, and other typical duties such as maintaining a hygienic environment, promotion of body health, and answering client questions.
To be a professional, you must be a certificate or degree holder in an associated field. In many states, you are required to have a license to operate as a spa therapist. Also, the required additional qualification includes the experience in the same field, alongside health promotion and sales skills.

Does full-body massage include private parts?

Full body massage means service to all parts of the body, starting from the head, hair, eyes, gin, ears, and all the way to the bottom. Talking about private parts, I think there are set laws and regulations that govern these parts, and it is a taboo in most spa centers to massage a client’s private parts. Though there are spas that allow this, it is by their laws, and a client must admit or accept before the service begin.

How much is a spa day?

According to an increase in the number of spas, in towns, and big cities, the businesses encounter more competition in pricing. At the lower end, most spas over daily services at a minimum of $40. A facial massage may be grossed to around $65- $95 for members and the premium services from experienced independent enthusiasts can start from $70 as we go up.
Most premium spas with locker rooms, slippers, robes, and waiting areas have their treatment services starting from $80 – $120. The daily spa prices depend on so many factors such as level of service, type of spa, among others.

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